Tale of the Dog's Day Care is the perfect place for the optimum amount of play, exercise and rest each day. Rain or shine, your dog will experience a day of personal attention and companionship in a healthy, caring atmosphere.

Our Day Care is always supervised by highly-trained staff to provide controlled and positive social interaction with dogs of a similar temperament and play style.

Daycare Hours-  Monday through Sunday 7:15 am — 6:00 pm
Boarding Guests- 7:15 am Check-in, 12:00 pm Check-out

  • Safe and convenient way for you to encourage socialization and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dogs are happier and healthier when actively engaged and exercised.

  • Reduces the risk of unwanted behaviors due to boredom or separation anxiety.
  • Burns off pent-up energy.
  • Builds socialization skills with other dogs and people. Poorly socialized dogs are more likely to react to the unknown with fear and aggression.
  • Satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature by being around other dogs.
  • Gives your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs.
  • ​​Builds his/her confidence and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe, fun place!

​​Benefits of Daycare