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When Boarding at Tale of the dog, your dog is provided with a comfortable  socialized sleeping arrangement along with the same daycare perks during their stay. Reservations can be made for long or short term stays promising the same all day play and enrichment. 

​​​​​Welcome to Tale of the Dog, where every dog's story begins with a wag! Spoil your your dog with the luxury of all day play in an environment where your dog's day is as unique as the tale they carry.

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Ensure your four- legged companion returns home after an energetic day of play, smelling and feeling refreshed! Take advantage of our grooming services including ; baths, nail trims, ear cleanings and much more can be scheduled alongside boarding or daycare reservations.



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12818 Beeler Creek Trail  Poway, CA

Tale of the Dog's Daycare services offer an ideal setting for your dog to enjoy just the right balance of play, exercise, and relaxation every day. Whether it's raining, or the sun is shining, your furry friend will  receive personal attention and companionship in a nurturing environment.



Tale of the Dog

Boarding & daycare

Tale of the Dog

Boarding & daycare

With the help of our dedicated team, we ensure that every chapter is filled with love and enrichment in a safe and controlled  setting.​​