About Pawtopia

Founded in 2002, Pawtopia has been repeatedly voted the top dog training company in San Diego. We do not believe in following a single method to train dogs. Instead we believe that, like people, all dogs learn differently. We want you to be successful so we meet your dog and discuss your goals. We then use our dog training expertise and our knowledge of different methodologies to develop a personalized training program that fits you and your pet.

We also believe that YOU are the most vital component of your dog’s training. As a result, we not only teach your dog, we also show you how to develop and manage new behaviors as well as address bad habits.

All of Pawtopia’s trainers are Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA)  and go through an extensive screening process as well as an apprentice program to ensure they have the expertise and experience that you have come to expect from us. With the guidance of our trainers every dog, despite his age, breed, or behavioral problem has the potential to be a great companion and well-behaved family member.

Pawtopia, voted the Best Dog Training Company in San Diego, (3 years in a row!) has partnered with Tale of the Dog to offer group classes. Their 5 week class, designed for pups 16 weeks of age or older, covers proper leadership skills, sit, stay, down, come, heel, leave it, drop it, and other basic commands and problem behaviors.
Start Date: Monday June 6th at 6pm
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