Beautiful, fully fenced pasture to run and play in wide open spaces
Hours of playtime with other compatible dogs
Climate controlled sleeping quarters with oversized pillows - not kennels
We treat your dogs as if they were our own
Our experienced kennel staff takes extra care to make a note of any problems or changes in your dog's physical and emotional well-being

What makes us different?

What we offer

Your boarding cost includes:

  • playtime
  • mealtime (owner supplied food)
  • medications
  • special diet or meal prep
  • any other special needs
  • daycare/group play with the pack
  • unlimited TLC is free of charge!

Daycare Hours-  Monday through Sunday 7:15 am — 7:00 pm
After Work Drop Off- Monday through Friday 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 
Boarding Guests can be dropped off and picked up during Daycare hours

Boarding at Tale of the Dog is not like boarding at any other dog kennel.

Our guests spend the entire day outside getting wholesome exercise, playing with friends and staff and snoozing in the shade! Our lounge area is always open for those pups that prefer to nap indoors on comfy pillows. Overnight your pup will sleep slumber party style with their friends. 

Call us today at 858-883-3099 to schedule a temperament evaluation 
and complimentary two hours of group play.